Gel Removal Kit

Gel Removal Kit

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When you ensure the correct maintenance and removal process it’s less probably to  have a break. 

In order to maintain a healthy natural nails this is the right gel removal  process for you 

The kit includes a file, acetone, foil with cotton, finger clips, orange stick, buffer, cuticle cream  and cuticle oil.

Removal instructions:

1. Buff of the shiny top layer 

Next, use the nail file to buff off the shiny top layer of your gel polish. Go gently – you don’t want to touch your natural nails. This can make them brittle and cause damage, which we’re avoiding.

2. Apply acetone

Wrap around each finger the foil soaked in acetone and apply the pink clips on.

3. Set your timer

Leave the wraps on for around 5 to 8 minutes when you remove CND original shellac. This should be enough to break down the gel polish.

Please note: if the gel polish is not CND the time will be around 15 min.

4. Remove

It’s helpful to take out one finger first from its foil wrapping to check if the nail polish is lifting. If it’s ready, remove the foils and cotton pads from all your nails. To gently lift any excess, you can use a cuticle pusher

5. Buff the nails to leave a smooth surface with the blue buffer.
6. Wash your hands 
7. Apply cuticle cream 

All around the cuticle and push back the cuticle with the orange stick and wash it off.

8. Cuticle oil

We recommend finishing with cuticle oil, is seriously hydrating. You can apply this daily to keep your nails feeling nourished and strong.