Copy of Manicure

Soaking off gel or acrylic nails extensions + full manicure

Nails will be soaked in acetone and scrapped off gently with a buffer + full manicure. No drills or machine is used.

1h 30min | From £45.00


Soaking off gel or acrylic nails extensions

Nails will be soaked in acetone and scrapped off gently with a nail file. No drills or machine are used.

35min | From £25.00


Soaking off Shellac + Full Shellac Manicure Service

Soaking off Shellac + Full manicure with a full range of shellac colours

1h | From £43.00


Soaking off Shellac + Full manicure with traditional nail varnish.

Soaking off Shellac including a full manicure with a variety of different traditional nail varnish, O.P.I, CND, or China Glaze USA.

1h | From £40.00


Full Manicure Rejuvenation and anti-wrinkle treatment

A fantastic manicure treatment includes shape, micro-dermabrasion treatment, and hand mask, cuticle treatment with especial hand cream to soften and moisture the skin in order to remove the excess dead skin cells, massage and varnish.

1h | From £39.00


Soaking off shellac C.N.D

Removing shellac in the most appropriate way; nails buffed and conditioned.

15min | From £10.00


Shellac Full manicure C.N.D

Nails shaped, cuticle treatment, exfoliation if necessary, massage and Shellac application, hand mask and shellac application in a way to last longer.

55min | From £35.00


Manicure just file and painting . O.P.I or CND or China Glaze

Includes nail shaping and a choice of colour O.P.I, CND or China Glaze USA.

20min | From £15.00


Full manicure O.P.I, CND or China Glaze USA

We will shape the nails, cuticle treatment, hand cream and massage and a choice of O.P.I, CND, and China Glaze USA, using a disposable file.

45min | From £30.00


Full manicure Deluxe Spa, O.P.I, CND Vinylux or others

Our Deluxe Spa full manicure includes nail shaping, cuticle treatment, exfoliation, hand mask/ massage and nail varnish.

50min | From £35.00


Full Manicure + Full Pedicure service O.P.I, CND or China Glaze

The combined service we offer has no difference of our full services. Nails will be shaped , hard skin removed, foot scrub, foot massage, and nail varnish of your choice.

1h 45min | From £70.00


Shellac Full Mani & Pedi – Shellac CND from the USA

Enjoy our full procedure of manicure with cuticle work & hand massage and our delightful soaking in foot with sea salt, mint and eucalyptus oils to help with hard skin removal.

1h 45min | From £75.00


Manicure For Him

Nails are groomed , cuticle treatment and conditioned and hand massage.

45min | From £30.00


Manicure + Pedicure – For Him

Enjoy a full soak in feet with sea salts, mint and eucalyptus oils to soften hard skin removal together with a delightful foot massage and with our full manicure procedure.

1h 30min | From £60.00


At Beauty and Pampering, we care for the best result in maintaining your natural nail condition. Cuticle is checked and treated to suit each patient. Using the best product in the market to reduce the appearance dry cuticle or cuticle re-growth, therefore we only cut the cuticle if it is necessary.

At Beauty and Pampering we use safe methods and procedures:

  • Disposable nails files individually packed and sealed
  • Individually sterilised sealed packed tools
  • Disposable towels