Gel Nails Removal Kit

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You can master yourself the art of a perfect DIY gel nail polish removal from the  comfort of your home.  It does not matter if it has been a couple of weeks  and your perfect ever manicure is starting to look a bit grown out of order  and it is time to remove it!

This gel nail removal kit is perfect for you.

Why? it contains pure acetone and all the goodies that you need to maintain your nails healthy, after all, why not avoiding those awful drilling machine that  is used on your nails and it  can be so harmful for your nails, which in some case, it would take years to have  perfect nails back again.

This gel nails kit removal  is perfect for your nails.

Save money by  doing it yourself!

Gentle for your nails!

It can be reused!

Saving you £££

Instructions are inside the kit