Teeth Whitening

Important Facts

Teeth whitening improves the colour of teeth if the tooth is natural. If dental work has been performed by a dentist, the existing dental work will not change the colour. The tooth colour may improve slightly if there is existing stain on the dental work but whitening gel is only effective on natural teeth. Tooth whitening does not damage any dental work .


Tooth whitening treatment does not damage  the tooth structure and to prove that  Americans  and Canadians have been whitening their teeth for many years. The treatment must be done  by a product that is safe and effective which Tooth Fairy has produced and it has been in the market for over 20 years.

The process of teeth whitening is simple.

Teeth whitening is like a skin facial except the treatment is a facial for the teeth.

All teeth have pores just as skin does and over time the pores in one’s teeth become clogged with stain.

Stain is caused from red, wine, coffee, tea, and just day to day living which make teeth appear yellow in colour.


Pregnant women

Customers using braces

Periodontal diseases

This service is not suitable for under 16 unless with parents.

Our Product does not contain bleach

Our tooth whitening kit is purchased from  www.toothfairy.ch . The service is performed in the salon where the kit  and the LED lamp are  provided  and the service performed.


Time for the treatment – 45 min to 60min