Waxing For Him

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Male hair removal by hot wax made from cocoa wax

Bikini line

With chocolate wax ideal for sensitive skin.
40min | From £25.00

Buttocks waxing with hair retardant treatment

We ensure we use the best wax which is ideal for sensitive skin.
20min | From £22.00

Hollywood – male intimate waxing

Ideal for those who wish to remove all the hair from the intimate area. Just for him.
1h | From £60.00

Chest male waxing

Full front area ideal for this season, enhances the muscles.
35min | From £35.00

Back male waxing

Full back with chocolate waxing.
30min | From £30.00

Shoulder Male Waxing

Ideal for all men to enhance muscles.
30min | From £22.00

Boyzilian Male Waxing

Ideal to all men to enhance the muscle and size.
50min | From £65.00

Full body male waxing with Hot Chocolate Wax

Ideal for summer. Performed wit care, attention and professional at all time. Includes the intimate area.
2h 30min | From £160.00

Back, sack and crack with Hot Chocolate Wax

Back sack and crack hot wax ideal for sensitive skin.
1h | From £90.00

Crotch and Scrotum

Crotch and Scrotum is done with hot chocolate wax ideal fo…
25min | From £40.00


Crack only Hot wax ideal for sensitive skin.
20min | From £20.00

Full leg Male Waxing

Full leg waxing is ideal to enhance muscle or for performing…
40min | From £50.00

Full arms and hands

Full arms and hands Warm wax/roll on
40min | From £35.00

Chest and stomach waxing

Chest and stomach enhances muscle and ideal for sensitive skin.
30min | From £35.00

Back and shoulder waxing

Back and shoulders wax is ideal for hairy men and the wax is for sensitive skin.
30min | From £42.00

Male underarm waxing

Ideal for guys. The hair is removed with hot wax.
15min | From £18.00

Nose waxing

Ideal for men who have long hair showing through outside the nose area.
15min | From £10.00

Ears waxing

Ideal for men.
15min | From £10.00

Male grooming intimate areas

Male grooming is performed with a shaving machine. Please be aware that it is a non sexual service. Innapropriate request will be dealt accordingly.
30min | From £40.00