Manicure for Her

Artificial Nails Extensions - I-Nail Express- Non liquid acrylic- Full set - We do use I-Nail extension which provides a better looking results for the fingers and hands, and nails look more natural. We don't use acrylic liquid, so there is no smell and less damaging for the nails.

60min | £55.00


Full Manicure (Ordinary nail polish/ CND Vinylux or OPI) - file and shape, cuticle work, hand mitts, hand massage and varnishing

45min | £30.00


Full Manicure ( Orninary nail polish/ CND Vinylux or OPI) + rejuvenation anti-ageing treatment, hand scrub, mask and mitts to reduce dryness - bespoke manicure

A fantastic manicure treatment includes shape, micro-dermabrasion treatment, and hand mask, cuticle treatment with especial hand cream to soften and moisture the skin in order to remove the excess dead skin cells, massage and varnish

50min | £39.00


Express Manicure - filing and painting

Includes nail shaping and a choice of colour O.P.I, CND or China Glaze USA.

20min | £25.00


Shellac CND or OPI gel Full manicure - File and shape, cuticle work, hand mitts, massage and varnishing

The most amazing treatment including manicure mitts, shaping, cuticle work, massage and color of your choice. All disposable nail files and eco friendly disposable towels.

55min | £35.00


Shellac CND or OPI gel polish

Just file and polish - no cuticle work at all

25min | £35.00


Shellac CND or OPI gel removal done by B&P

Nails will be soaked in acetone and scrapped off gently with a buffer + full manicure. No drills or machine is used.

10min | £10.00


Gel Nails or SNS or acrylic removal not done by B&P

We soak in acetone to remove the gel nails or artificial acrylic nails.

30min | £25.00


Removal - Shellac CND or OPI done by B&P+ Full manicure Shellac or OPI

1hr | £43.00