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Facials For Him

Facial for him deep cleansing facial with Ozone steam

This facial is ideal for male and you will see the benefits of a deep cleansing facial just after the first treatment. Ideal to prevent ingrown hairs on the beard area.
1h | From £50.00

Facial with Diamond Microdermabrasion Treatment

Ideal to most types of skin, instant visible results, brightens and freshens up the skin, performed with a vacuum 100% safe . Helps to reduce fine lines, acne, pigmentation, ideal to reduce the appearance of blackheads, open pores and to boost collagen to result in a firmer skin. Ideal 10 treatments.
1h | From £60.00

Facial dermalogica deep cleansing

Revitalizing ideal for stressed skin, designed to infuse the skin with Moisture, hydrates to enhance smoothness.
1h | From £70.00

Facial with Wrinkle firming Treatment

Cleansing, micro peeling scrub, comforting cellular foam, connective tissue massage, hyaluronic acid spheres, wrinkle firming massage, mask, hydrating treatment finisher.
1h | From £80.00

Facial Anti- Ageing radiance treatment

Cleansing, exfoliation, boost cells, vitamin C serum, collagen sheet mask, hydrating treatment finisher.
1h | From £75.00